On the way to becoming a Data scientist.

  • First of all i have to learn programming language that help me to write code.
  • To develop skills that how to analyze big data.
  • Start taking courses on mechine learning, deep learning , artificial intelligence.

The challenge that i faced to start working on this is that i don’t know in that time from where i take start, which book i must have learn and which programming languages i have to learn.

  • Now i start taking class through i will learn programming languages i.e Rust and Python.
  • After i learn rust and Python, i will start a course to how to analyze data.

I think this post is about motivating people to do something for the society in which he is applying that this is real happiness.

The thing that surprised me that people dreamed and do planning to settle in a country like America but he (Jawad Aslam) sacrifice everything and came to Pakistan to help his people.

The one thing that I have learned is that along with your own ambition and dream or whatever also look to the people around and if you think will be very hard, just this thing keep in mind that when you start working, the people like will continuously joining with you and will ease your path.